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Avoiding Google and other companies tracking your every move has become more and more difficult, as smartphones have become an integral part of life. We accept Google knowing everywhere we go because we find Google Maps extremely useful for getting us from point A to point B, for free.

We accept tracking of distance and speed travelled, as it informs Google of traffic issues, and can then let other people (and yourself) know that there might be a quicker way to get to where you're going.

Sure you can switch off tracking, but other apps may still be tracking you. For example, Google Play services also likes to know where you are, as does Chrome (for "helpful" location based search results). (Google's mail system GMail also likes to read your emails).

Use Facebook messenger, and Facebook read (or scan) all your messages, or flag up your message to moderators to read.

So if these are functions and features built-in to Android, then what option do you have to avoid…

MPG of small to midsize second hand diesel cars

Some blog posts...

Sheffield Grafitti...

Photos from a walk around a derelict industrial area right in the centre of Sheffield. Seems graffiti is pretty big in Sheffield, with recognisable styles cropping up all over the place. These photos were taken with the rather nice Fujifilm X10, of which there is a review here
When launched the X10 was very nice, but a tad expensive, but now that it's been out for a while, and been replaced by the X20, it's available for a much better price, and well worth looking at if you like a camera to feel like a camera. Also if you want an optical viewfinder. YOLO.

Classic (Film) Cameras

Here's another site with great photos of classic cameras, and the odd test or two: - if you're interested in "classic" or retro digital cameras, have a look at DigiCamReview:Retro.

52 Cameras...

Great new site discovered today, called 52cameras, and is all about film cameras. Yes, film. Check it out for some major retro goodness.

Amazon Japan Bestsellers.

Here, here and here. Interesting, very interesting. Also new stuff.