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MG7 and MG-TF Roll off the Production Lines...

Even though all the old Rovers still haven't sold meaning you can get a bargain british built "new" car, Nanjing's MG Rover's have started rolling off the production line in China using the same equipement from Birmingham. Cars they are making are the MG7 (Rover 75) shown above, and the MG-TF sports coupe. (Nanjing bought MG Rover, but not the Rover name).

Link (austin-rover), Link (bbc news), Link (autoblog with comments)

All about cars...

Well, I've refurbished two alloy wheels, and had the second one fitted today, so thought it would be best to get the car cleaned, so here are some photos.

If you think this Dodge Ram is somewhat on the large size for British roads, then wait till you see the next picture...

They're turned a GMC Topkick into a stretched limo! It's about 1.5x wider than your average UK car, has 6 wheels, and the standard engine appears to be an 8.1 litre v8!!