3rd of March birthday ideas if you want to get me any of this or contribute financially, then please let me know so that things don't get bought twice:

* PQI USB CompactFlash Card Reader / Writer £5.28 inc vat. (ebuyer.com) or alternate multi-reader would do except not internal. (eg ebuyer multi £9.39inc or a funky silver one £9.39.)

* BRAND NEW PC20 Charger Kit with 12 Batteries MultiCharger, 8 x 2000mah AA, 4 x 750 mAh AAA £13.99 inc vat (postage unknown?) - or alternate charger with 4 x 2000mah or higher Ni-Mh AA batteries. - eg £14.99 amazon.co.uk (matt - if you want us to get from amazon, to save on postage that would be cool, just give us the money)

* Canon A300 amazon.co.uk £124.99 free postage. (heather)

* Viking 256mb Compact Flash Card Amazon.co.uk £35.49 inc vat.

additional / alternatives could be: photo quality glossy inkjet paper.


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