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Additional bit to add to fuji 2800 review:
Fuji finepix warmth - this seems to be the case with the majority of Fuji cameras - and is likely to be flattering to the subject (it can easily be changed in photoshop if it isn't to your taste) - although the photo of the red leaves in the gallery is overly red - something that definitely needed fixing in photoshop. High compression / slight softness seems to be the case with other Fuji's also. (see photographyblog review of the M603 etc, or the S5000 review on dpreview - a 3MP image on average uses 850k - compare that to the 1.5mb superfine setting on the 3MP Canon a300). The 2800 seems to keep all photos below 780kb regardless of the amount of detail in the picture, which is a shame as photos with high detail, such as the photo of flowers above, or one of a tree with lots of leaves seem to suffer from the amount of compression applied. More recent Fuji cameras, such as the S5000, A202 etc have the shutter release button in the centre of the control dial - so you can understand why I occassionally end up pressing the on/off button by mistake which is in the centre of the control dial.


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