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Telewest FilmFlex

telewest filmflexTelewest FilmFlex is this new service whereby you can order films through the Telewest (Cable) TV Box, for a small cost, depending on how recent the film is, it lets you watch it as many times as you like within the next 24 hours. The new thing that it does, however, is that it'll let you pause, fast forward, and rewind the film! (Even though there's no hard drive or new device in the cable box!)

Anyway, the only problem now, is that you can spend an hour or more trying to decide on a film, especially when there's a large number of people there, and then when you finally decide on a film to watch (after about an hour or two), mainly because nobody's seen it, you have to enter a pin number that nobody knows! Once the panics over, you've phoned Telewest, and been told it's 1234, you can watch the film and find that it's not really what you were expecting and has more dodgy scenes than something extra dodgy - and that's where the new feature comes in handy - you fast-forward past the dodgy scenes of the film you didn't know anything about in the first place.

You're always tempted to watch The Matrix again, as the background graphics on the Telewest FilmFlex pages are a Matrix-esque movie clip with Matrix-esque music - although it's definitely a good choice of film, so far play to them.


Anonymous said…
Telewest are about to launch (as we speak literally) a 100MB broadband service in London. 100 Megabytes! I mean, really!

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