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Full English Breakfast

4 and counting. I think I've had about 4 full english breakfast this week, with the 4th being today, when I went out bought the stuff and made it myself at home! It would have been 5 but we went for a team meal to the chinese on the Friday.

Here's some of the essential (and optional ingrediants), it's best if you have some of the optionals for a more full breakfast:

Core ingredients:
Toast and/or Fried bread,
Beans (some people don't like these)

Optional (but recommended):
Hash browns (highly recommended)
Mushrooms (recommended)
Tomatos (real tomato's cut in half then fried are my favourit, not the tinned ones)
Potato Waffles (if hash browns unavailable)
Black pudding

To be followed by a fresh hot cup of Tea for the best tasting tea ever. You'll also get one of the best "bacon and egg on toast" sandwiches ever if made from the food on your plate from the full english breakfast.


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