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JarHead, Syriana, Fun with Dick and Jane, The Weather Man

Went to the cinema last night, saw Jarhead, and saw three trailers for new films, and I want to watch them ALL! Here they are:

Fun with Dick and Jane
The Weather Man

Although I'm not 100% sure about the weatherman film, I like the fact that random people throw stuff at him while he's walking along the street, but after that it looks like it gets overly soppy. Micheal Caine's in it though so it must be at least half decent, plus there's a good quote in there: "Something about if it's hard to do, then it's most likely the right thing to do and vice versa". Actually, watching another trailer, it looks pretty good, like a film about all the crappy little naff things that happen, like that kind of film.

Jarhead - is pretty depressing, but that's to be expected considering it's about war, but it's good anyway. If you watch it, answer this: What's a horse doing in the desert?


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