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A New Me!

A new day, a new me (well not really). I've been playing with the Ricoh GR Digital today, it's got a Text scene mode that captures the image as a black and white tiff file, and it allows you to change the darkness of the image you're taking, Microsoft's built in picture viewer seemed to make it look like it was a greyscale image, which I thought looked cool, so here it is.

I'm really good at putting off work, but still think I'm working, for example, I have a heap of reviews to write (4 currently! and more cameras expected!!), but I'm much better at taking random photos and playing with the cameras than actually doing the writing, although playing with the cameras is important, if I don't write anything then it kind of defeats the purpose! Also, I'm VERY good at reading about cameras on the internet as well, and I'm especially good at going off on a tangent, for example, I was reading Ken Rockwell's website the other day, and ended up reading all about the Nikon F100 (a film camera) - and so it goes on, you find something interesting mentioned on a Nikon F100 website and then end up reading all about Digital Images, and sharpening. Anyway - I really must get to work... straight after getting a cuppa tea :)


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