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Pepsi Max Cino Review

Pepsi Max Cino
Well, it was on special offer at Asda, buy one get one free on packs of 6 cans so I had to try it, didn't I? And now I have, and the verdict: It's not coffee, so obviously it'se never going to be as good as a proper coffee, and it's not cola, but you'd think that perhaps the two could combine to make some kind of super coffee-coke? Well, not really, it tastes mainly like super sweet cola, with a sickly caramilised additional taste, and if you try really hard you can taste a tiny bit of coffee flavour in there.

Overall though, I wouldn't say it was enjoyable, rather that it's *just* about bearable, with an overly sweet, sickly taste. If it stays on the market, then I can imagine it being popular with students / or people who leave deadlines to the last minute and have to work all night, due to the higher caffiene content than normal coke, and the less scary caffeine content than real coffee / red bull.

Update: Tony tried some "Pepsi Max Coffee Cino" (to give it it's full title) and as a regular Coke and Coffee (with 2 sugars) drinker thought that Pepsi Cino was really nice. Perhaps for those that regularly drink drinks with sugar, Pepsi Cino will be a pleasant experience, and for those that rarely drink sugary drinks Pepsi Cino will be an unpleasant experience?

Update 2: Tested by various work collegues: "Tastes caramelly", "Tastes a bit like Huba Bubba and Coke", "Quite nice" - General positive comments. Not a very strong coffee taste. All we need now is real sugar. (rather than sweeteners)

Previously on blog: Coca Cola Blak and Pepsi Max Cino, Originally coffee-coke suggested here.


ch said…
Well, you and the christian world need to drink more milk from danish cows.
Best wishes
Pope KOdex
Anonymous said…
Is it sad that I'm reading other blog reviews of this stuff?

-- Yeah, probably.

I loved it, though.

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