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The Inside Man, Failure to Launch

Failure to Launch - Romantic / Comedy. Pretty good, some stupid (annoying) bits, such as the 3rd guy at the end and the woman in the cafe. Like, what the chuff!?! It's good though, just "watch at home on DVD" good, rather than going out to cinema good, unless you're after a romantic outing to the cinema that is...

The Inside Man - Action / Thriller. A solidly good film, entertaining, clever bank robbery, fairly obvious what's going on if you're paying attention. Some stuffs still left in the dark, and there's not much "closure" regarding what happens next after the film ends, ie. they left it so vague that I don't really care what happens next. The camera shots often seemed too close-up, and when they were panning, it seemed overly jerky / choppy making it hard to focus what was on screen. Again I think it's one to watch on DVD, saving yourself money. Unpleasant use of the naughty 'C' word. (as though it's now becoming an acceptable word).


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