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Man Flu (I have a cold)

I have a cold. There should be some kind of definition and diagnosis of the common cold, with several levels of severity. This is needed to define what kind of cold the Man has - there's a common (mis)conception that when men get colds, they think they have the Flu. Which is why it's called a "Man Flu" - because apparently, when a woman has the exact same symptoms, they simply have a cold and continue on with there lives as though nothing is wrong. This is why we need a strictly defined cold severity level. I propose that once it passes, say level 5, it then be diagnosed as a real Flu for example, here's how I would define it:

1. Sniffles, sneezing, sore throat (this isn't a cold, it is merely a sign that you may be getting a cold)
2. Snotty noise, blowing nose, coughing - this is a basic cold
3. All of above plus: Headache, sore nose (too much blowing of the nose).
4. All of above plus: Brain can only focus on one thing at a time*, Balance and motion is impaired, when walking through doors will hit side of doors, bright lights hurt eyes.
5. All of above plus: Brain can not focus, can not get out of bed, can not string together sentances. (after this you are entering flu / fever teritory)

I think I'm currently between a high 3 and a 4, for example, *I can focus on writing this, but all other functions go out the window, my body seems to be swaying, and if I think about my body swaying, then ... I am unable to focus enough on this ... to finish the sentance.

Admittedly, if these cold severity ratings are to be successful then they can't be abused, and men do have the habit of over exagerating their symptoms to enable them to be lazy lazier, and to make other people make them cups of tea. But in the long run, if we can stick to these guidelines, then I think we can lose the reputation we have and the label we get when we have a cold.

Update: ZeFrank has an interesting view on this, giving the illness a rating out of 10.


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