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Photo updates

I'm officially 26. Here's the cake H made for me for my birthday - it's even got 26 real candles! Everybody seems surprised when they find out I'm 26 - so perhaps I'm going to have to try something to make myself look younger - anyone got any suggestions? I'm thinking perhaps if I shave and get a short haircut that might help? I've made it anyway, apparently I'm safe till my mid-life crisis where I'm expected to buy a sports car. Why I can't just get one anyway without having a midlife crisis I'll maybe never know, but it always seems to be the way it works if you listen to the people who don't own the sports car.

This is the P. Galkoff Family butcher on London Road / Pembroke Place (or there - abouts) - I've always wanted a photo of it as I love the green tiles and the old-fashioned look. From the stuff surrounding the building I'm guessing it may not be there much longer. It'll be a shame when / if this goes, especially if it's to be replaced by a boring modern building.

This final image, of a shiny night time Skoda Fabia, is something I made from a larger version of this image here and I'm rather impressed by the result! I got rid of most of the blue channel because that was noisy as heck. All this was brought to you by the letters S and L, and the number 1, as part of a temporary distraction from the usual work.


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