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Sunset Panoramic and a Dead Laptop

Well, here's an awesome looking sunset picture. The clouds look pretty Ghostbusters ectoplasmy. Click to view bigger.

The laptop is now dead - a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 - 15", P4-m 1.8ghz, 30gb, 640mb, Wifi, DVD/CDROM, has died. It switches off in the middle of doing nothing, then will not switch back on again, till battery, power cable taken out for a while. Currently it seems completely dead, and won't power up at all, the power cable light simply flashes orange on and off.

This is apparently VERY common with this model of Toshiba laptop. SO common that Toshiba lost a court case, and have to pay out for all repair costs involved even if the laptop is out of warranty... but only in the US! I will talk to Toshiba and see what they say, so far they have been saying it will cost x amount of money to repair (replace the motherboard - it's so common - they know exactly what needs replacing straight away). x being an unknown amount - they will advise at next step. And if I don't get it fixed, do I sell the parts seperately, or sell it as a whole?

Dell do some great deals on laptops with a 15.4" widescreen, DVDRW, Wifi, 512mb, 40gb hd, 1.5ghz Celeron M (based on Pentium M - the Pentium M rocks!) etc...

More links regarding Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 Common Faults:
12 out of 12 dead
Lawsuit won against Toshiba (US)
Claims website (US, deadline 6th June 06!)


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