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Films and Teeth. (Mission Impossible III)

Mission Impossible III, Confetti, Ice Age II, are all films I would like to watch. Mission Impossible III: Saw it Wed night, £3.50 at Fact, with Orange Wednesdays it works out at 1.75 each! It's very action packed, quite hollywood-ish, has some comedy moments thanks to Shaun out of Shaun of the Dead and Spaced. Entertaining edge of the seat stuff without much brain thought. Good.

And in other news, you know how people say you shouldn't eat sweets because they make your teeth fall out, well that's literally what's happened to me, on Saturday, a Fox's Glacier took out one quarter of my tooth, then yesturday, a Dime bar took out the filling (that was making up about half of my tooth). Update: I'm booked in for Friday, so it could be death for my tooth or it might be saved? I'll have to wait and see...


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