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Aeon Flux - Awesome - really good concept - seems like a fresh idea (although the island is fairly similar) - seems lowly rated, and under-hyped. Interesting how a lot of the fight scenes are during the day - most other films seem to be in dark alleyways.

The Thirteenth Floor - Ok - interesting twists but quite far fetched sci-fi. Basically it's like the holodeck in Star Trek. It's sort of like the Matrix, but in a more Tron kind of way, seems dated in comparison to the Matrix.

Along Came a Spider - In the first 5 minutes there's a stunt that looks completely fake. This put me off the rest of the film. Unfortunate but true. Quite entertaining though as far as thrillers go. Stupid use of computers though, ooh click here and now we see a 50 megapixel image of the kidnappers home, how handy. Seems dated for a film released in 2001.


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Nikon Coolscan Scanner Drivers (USB and 1394 Firewire)

If you're looking for Windows drivers for the following Nikon Coolscan film and slide scanners: Nikon Coolscan IV (40) Nikon Coolscan V (50) Nikon Coolscan 4000 (Firewire) Nikon Coolscan 5000 Nikon Coolscan 8000 (Firewire) Nikon Coolscan 9000 (Firewire) Then please use this link, which is a ZIP file, containing drivers for the USB and Firewire (1394) Nikon Coolscan scanners*: If you're looking for the Nikon Scan software, then you can find the full version available for download from Nikon's website, as well as the last update for the Nikon Scan software: Nikon Scan v4 Download Nikon Scan v4.0.2 Update * Also includes drivers for LS-10, LS-20, 2000, III (LS-30), Nikon SCSI scanners. You shouldn't need these drivers, but are provided just in case.

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