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Let them eat Cake! The year in pictures...

...according to my mobile phone digital camera.

I've had the Samsung E800 for over a year now, and it's finally time to send it off to the ebay pie in the sky. The Samsung E800 was a pretty great phone apart from the stupid-ness of it, such as have no means of sending a phone number to another phone (The feature was completely missing), and have no means of sending your photos to other phones or computers without and optional and expensive data cable (it doesn't let you send photos via bluetooth for example, the only way was to pay stupid amounts to send it as an email). Well I've finally got a working data cable - an old-style COM port cable. So basically I thought I'd share with you some of the cake photos (and other photos) from the phone, taken over the last year...

the first one, an awesome cream banoffee pie from coffee n nosh.

the second is fairly self-explanatory - featured in a mobile phone shop - the chaps from the fast show

possibly the oldest novell server running in existence, an old opus server

"Warning Stairs" - a handy sign... just in case you're blind... hang on a minute...

heather in the old gas lit pub in belfast

dan: stop shining that bloody light at me

large camel spotted in wavertree

sunset at a wedding near sheffield

driving to scotland barefoot while eating tolberones... not really... we were in fact driving to scotland in a nissan sunny

neil simpson making cups of tea

the dining room ceiling falling down

josh in the sun


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