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Four and a Half Hours Later...

VW Passat 2001 X RegWe have our new car! Hooray! The journey took a bit longer than expected due to a crash on the motorway, and roadworks on the only other road. The car drives well, the brakes work well and the heating and air conditioning work very well.
The car shares a lot of components with the Skoda Fabia but the cars little extras, and big extras, make the car noticably better. The little extras worth mentioning: the stereo volume increasing when the engine noise increases, the small lights above the vanity mirrors, lights in the back for passengers, the emergency triangle in the boot, purple and red dials etc. The big extras worth mentioning: the much better 1.9 TDI engine in the VW Passat, a very nice improvement compared to the 68bhp 1.4 in the Fabia, the bigger, better seats, the increased space inside.There are some downsides, it seems to roll a bit more than the Fabia, maybe it could do with it's suspension stiffening? Plus parking will be much more difficult as it wont be possible to squeeze into small spaces like we could with the Fabia. Insurance is also surprisingly expensive considering the fairly low bhp compared to a lot of cars.Shiney Blue VW Passat 2001 Back
Update: Heather took the car for the weekend, and managed to get an impressive mpg out of the car - it averaged at 57.6mpg! A quick drive later, and I'd managed to get it down to around 50mpg for today's journeys! :) More details and pictures on the cars page.


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