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Apple Powermac G3 300mhz 256mb OS X

Powermac G3So like yeah, I've got an Apple Powermac G3, and I can get the latest version of Quicktime (v7. for any version of Windows as long as it's Windows 2000 (6 years old) or Windows XP (5 years old), but I can't get the latest version of Quicktime for Mac OS X v10.2.8 (3 years old - apparently "ancient" in the mac world) - the most recent version I can get is v6. or something - WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!?! - and it doesn't work with the videos on apple's website!!?! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!!?!

So to summarise, I'm getting a BETTER video / internet experience from Apple software on my WINDOWS PC! My PCs page updated.

And in an ironic twist, here's a list of all the software you need on a PC to keep Windows free from viruses, spyware, adware, malicious software, pop-ups, etc.


Matt said…
Mac OS 10.2 was released on August 24, 2002 and so is 4 years old. Which is about 3 months before Windows XP came out. Win XP will still be on sale for another year or two, so its probably in MS's interest to keep supporting it.
Joshua said…
... still, you would expect Apple to support their own software more so than Windows 2000/XP :)
Matt said…
OMG!! Windows media player 11: Not supported if you have anything older than Win XP.
Windows media player 10: Not supported if you have anything older than Win XP.
Whats that all about?

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