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Yay, another marketing gimmick...

New! Douwe Egberts (Sara Lee Coffee and Tea UK Limited) "cafe-Switch" Creamy Pleasure. Indulgent and Dreamy. New Pump + Froth "Just add water". Instant "cappucino" style coffee. "Flavoured coffee drink concentrate with milk, sugar and sweetener". Only contains five E numbers, bargain! and only 2 artificial sweeteners. It tastes vaguely like coffee, although with too much sweeteners for my liking, meaning that any authentic "real" coffee taste that might be in there has vanished, to be honest, it tastes pretty crappy, and doesn't taste very milky, or creamy, instead all that seems to have turned into the top froth, leaving a dark, bad tasting coffee below. Seriously, you can't have "authentic" coffee / cappucino / latte without proper ingredients, ie: real milk, and real espesso based coffee (ie from ground beans). By the time you've wasted all your money buying these fake manufactured coffee's (6 drinks for £2) you could have saved up, bought an espresso / cappucino maker (from £40 - £60) and started enjoying real coffee in your own home! If you want proper coffee when you're not in your home, find a decent affordable coffee stand that does proper coffees for £1.20, and avoid starbucks where the same will cost you £2.70!


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