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Films - Alien Autopsy, Lost in Translation, Date Movie, Confetti

Alien Autopsy - Funny, based on a true story, stars Ant and Dec, they're very good in it. Worth watching, despite the poor ratings from sites like imdb (3.8/10). Some background info.

Lost in Translation - boredom on a stick. Painfully boring to watch, especially a second time.

Date Movie (funny rating on imdb 2.7/10) - funny spoof, not to be taken too seriously, but some very funny moments. The extras are worth watching, as they cut some very funny bits out of it.

Confetti - good film. Funny, slightly girly flick. Ad-libbed apparently. Some funny bits cut, so worth watching the extras.

I'd say watch Alien Autopsy first if you haven't already seen it. Actually Date Movie's probably the funniest, Alien Autopsy the most interesting, and Confetti probably third in the list of films to watch.


Anonymous said…
this is the funniest thing i've read in ages!

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