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Gallery Upgrades...

Everytime Gallery breaks on me (which tends to be every time server changes are made by my host, or for some other random reason), I tend to use it as a good reason to do a quick upgrade to the lastest version, this time v1.55pl1. I'm not sure whether to risk going to version 2 yet...

The important files and folders to backup and not to overwrite are:

/albums - all photos etc are here
/html_wrap - all your custom headers and footers are here.
/css - annoyingly they store the default colours here, such as text and background colour - the screen css file is the main one (answered in the gallery 1 faq: why is my gallery blue.

And then the quickest way to upgrade seems to be to simply replace the root of the gallery folder (and ignore / leave all the other folders on your server as they don't seem to change too much version to version, especially making sure you leave the albums folder as it is, as this is where all the photos and albums are including .users data).

One problem I've never been able to resolve is described here - I've even tried the 777 chmod trick, with no success (the only permanent way of fixing seems to be re-creating the albums, which I'd rather not do, or perhaps I could switch off the error messages?).

So feel free to check out the "upgraded" galleries: Gallery
DigiCamReview Gallery

I've also added random images to the homepage of from the gallery hooray!!


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