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V for Vendetta, Green Street

V for Vendetta - Interesting futuristic vision of Britain as a "Nanny State" on steriods, ie, a complete dictatorship with curfew for your own protection, ban on all "controversial" or non-christian lifestyles or religions (the Koran is banned, etc). All personal provicy has been taken away, and citizens are bugged etc. People who complain about the government or have illegal things are punished and / or killed. Highly rated on imdb (8.3/10). It's not the matrix but it's along the same lines and something dramatic needs to happen to resolve the conflict between the government and the people. I think it's a fairly entertaining film, but a depressing portrayal of a corrupt government gone wrong. I wouldn't recommend it, although I do know people who love the film, so it may be for you, but for me it gets a "meh".

Green Street (aka Hooligans - 7.3/10 imdb) - Violent football hooliganism. Surprisingly moving. Great depth of character and depth in the relationships between friends, relatives, and loves in the film. Very gripping. You quickly bond with the main characters and easily forget that the main character was "Frodo" from Lord of the Rings. Recommended watching, as long as you don't mind violence in films.


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