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The New Rover 45 (Roewe 450)

Roewe 450 Rover 45 Front

Auto Express (and "Pictures: Poblete") think the Rover 45 replacement from Roewe (the company that own half of Rover MG ie: the Rover 75 and 25) will look like the pictures above (pics from Auto Express 21 Feb 07 Issue) based on the Spy shots and Peter Stevens Design. It's quite a nice looking car to say the least - but I have doubts about whether the Roewe 450 will actually look that good - based on the Roewe 750 simply being a "face lifted" Rover 75, and the Roewe 250 appearing to be identical to the Rover 25 Streetwise.

Roewe 450 Rover 45 Back

It will be interesting to see a re-entry of Rover (as Roewe) and MG (made by Nanjing) over the next couple of months / years to see whether they will be accepted or adopted by the UK public (it appears as though "die-hard" Rover fans will not accept Roewe). And can they compete with the likes of Ford / VW etc? They will have to make an appealing case, especially considering how even the weaker brands in the UK offer impressive incentives, such as KIA's 7 year warranty on the new KIA Cee'd.

Surely, if making Rover successful was simply a case of releasing "face-lifted" versions of current cars (such as the Rover 75:750 and 25:250), then wouldn't Rover still be alive today?


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