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Inky Blue VW Passat Estate 1.9 TDI Sport

VW Passat Estate 1.9 TDI Sport

Just last night I was thinking: Wouldn't it be great to find a VW Passat 1.9 TDI with the following features: 130bhp (AVF engine with more torque), 6 speed gearbox, Traction Control (ASR), Sport model with sport suspension, as an Estate. And lo and behold, the metallic inky blue estate you see above is the car I've found. It even features several "Brucey bonuses" - a 6 CD changer, sports / lumbar support seats, 16" VW Sports alloy wheels, front armrest, auto-dipping rear-view mirror, rain sensing wipers, and leather steering wheel. It's got a full service history and I should be able to collect on Monday!

Gallery pictures added here
Update: Car added to the Cars Page.


Anonymous said…
That would be a great VW indeed, with those 130bhp (AVF engine with more torque), 6 speed gearbox, great VW injection for more economized fuel efficiency, Traction Control (ASR), Sport model with sport suspension, etc.. But with an inky blue color, I'l think bout, I think it would look really sporty and classy at the same time with a strong orange exterior and interior theme...

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