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Megadeth: United Abominations

The album is an un-apologetic, non-stop onslaught and a definite return to form. Have Megadeth been watching Tenacious D, the pick of Destiny? (or vice versa) Because this album non-stop ROCKS!

Megadeth Title

There are a number of melodic / harmonic parts where the singing, and music, come together very nicely, and "The Whole Equals Much More than The Sum of Its Parts". Track 4, United Abonimation’s beginning has hints of Extreme, and Kings X and like track 10 is one of the more melodic tunes on the CD, in fact

Track 3 rocks with some great deep bass rock. A toute Le Monde has always been a great song - I would have to relisten to the original - but I'm not sure whether this new version (Track 8) improves on the old one, or whether it's just another version (that's equally as good as the original). Comparing the two, the new version is quicker, but still very similar.

Some parts of some of the tracks sound almost identical to earlier Megadeth. The album as a whole, with quick "speed" / "thrash" metal, puts a high demand on your stereo, as a slow response or lack of punch, can result in the stereo being left behind. A lack of bass could be quite disapointing. There don’t appear to be any “weak” tracks, and it's much quicker than the previous album*, although I'm not I share some of the (slightly paranoid, conspiracy theory) views expressed although they definitely fit with Megadeth's general themes, and political commentary through the years.

There's a good range of vocals on the album, with Dave's vocal style / voice fitting brilliantly. There's a large number of guitar solo's and overall the album, with solos from both Dave Mustaine and Glen Drover, feels like there's a real passion involved. If this line-up is kept for future releases, and Dave and Glen work more closely, then I expect the next album has the potential to be the ultimate heavy metal album of all time.

The tracks:

Track 1 - "Sleepwalking" is a good track, but somewhat strange lyrically, I don't really get it. Starts off quite melow.

Track 2 - "Washington is Next!" has a solid 'killer' speed bass line all the way through. Dave's singing brings it all together, and really stands out, despite the thrash speed drums trying to take over. About the corruptness of the world's leaders, and the world's current / future decline?

Track 3 - "Never walk alone... a call to arms" is an awesome rock tune with some great bass, and a message of love from God. This track really benefits from a properly setup stereo with good bass response, and volume! :D

Track 4 - "United Abominations" is probably the most melodic of the tracks with hints of Extreme and Kings X, with a great intro, and then an awesome "moshing" style of rock, pointing out the lack of intervention the UN has had over the years.

Track 5 - "Gears of War" anti-war song. Somewhat catchy! Vocally sounds like some of the earlier Megadeth.

Track 6 - "Blessed are the Dead" About the return of the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse. Rocks, but doesn't necessarily stand out like some of the others. Some good vocals.

Track 7 - "Play for Blood" I'm not really sure what this one's about, but it rocks, and features a slightly different vocal style in some parts (reminds me of Led Zeppelin, Immigrant Song ever so slightly), but by the end you get a deeper vocal sound.

Track 8 - "A Toute le Monde (set me free)" a different version of the song on Youthanasia, it features vocals from Cristina Scabiia of Lacuna Coil, and is quicker than the earlier version, but is perhaps the least "Heavy Metal" out of all the songs, with quite a "clean" sound.

Track 9 - "Amerikhastan" - after the slightly melow ending to the previous track, this track picks up again, with "killer" solos, about America invading Afghanistan, Christian God verses Muslim God, America's attack on the Middle East, and America being run by Halliburton / Corporations. Very fast, seriously rocks by the end!

Track 10 "You're Dead" seriously rocks. Perhaps my favourite album on the track, Dave's singing, the rock, and melody / backing / harmony / solo(s) fit so well. Not sure what it's about though :)

Track 11 "Burnt Ice" quite funky, good vocal harmonies, awesome solos makes you wonder whether they can keep going at that speed.

Overall the new Megadeth album is excellent, and extremely enjoyable! I've listened to it numerous times since getting it, and noticed new things in each track. Possibly their best album yet? I'm looking forward to listening to it with a better stereo, as it's a bit fast for my cars stereo... :(

Buy it from: Amazon UK. Megadeth Discography.

* The last album (The System has Failed) rocked too! But had one (or two?) slightly weaker tracks.


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