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Spiderman 3 - It came from Outer Space

Spiderman 3 image from sony pictures

Well, that's the name it should have, for no reason what-so-ever some black goo comes from outer space to destroy spiderman and the world. But is unfortunately destroyed by something ludicrous (as per War of the worlds). Not that I'm spoiling the ending at all, I mean, it's Hollywood, there's always a happy ending for the heroes in movies.

I found myself getting quite bored with all the stop start action of the film and the boring long waffles in the middle. Get on with already. Towards the end it gets somewhat tedious, and then the final battle scene (which you can see coming a mile off) is rather dissappointing compared to the great battle scenes seen in other films. Add to that the awful "Live news" of the event, the awful british news reporter, and spiderman coming to save the day with an american flag waving behind him...

The two new characters, the main bad guys in the film, don't make much sense, intent on killing spiderman for no apparent reason, aren't very believable characters, and lack consistancy, one a good guy hit by bad luck, the other guy can't make his mind up, and at the beginning seemed a nice enough chap.

There are some very funny bits, but overall it's mindless entertainment, with lots of boring story lines in the middle, that aren't really worth thinking about. Then again, I am quite fussy when it comes to films...

Link(s): Imdb: Spiderman 3 - Opinion seems divided.


Matt said…
Watched Pirates of the Carribean (the first one) again the other night. Its still good.

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