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Wifi woes...

I've never really had many wifi problems before, apart from a cheap brandless wifi router that packed in after 5 months a couple of years ago... but just this last week my laptop wifi stopped working, my Linksys wireless router stopped doing the wireless, and a £10 edimax PCI wifi card I bought also wouldn't work properly...

so I bought a new Linksys router - but the PCI wifi card was running dog slow, so I suspected the router had poor range - and then bought a Netgear 108mbps wireless router with 108mpbs USB dongle... only to find the PCI wifi card was faulty as the new router and dongle walked flawlessly, however, the PCI wifi card was still as slow as snails.

So everything was running fine (with the new netgear router and dongle), until the PC with the USB dongle was knocked over, and the dongle was damaged, and now that wifi connection seems dodgy! grrr.

I now have:
1 faulty Linksys router (wifi doesn't work)
1 spare working NEW Linksys router
1 faulty built in wifi in the laptop
1 faulty edimax PCI wifi card
1 faulty netgear USB 108mbps dongle
1 working netgear 108mbps wifi router.

Which is a long way of saying... the site ( has been down due to (numerous) router changes! but it should be back up now :)


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