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Why I dislike the Nokia N95...

There are some things that are fundamentally flawed on the Nokia N95 :-

1. It's sold as a "Carl Zeiss" 5mp digital camera - yet it can't even take good photos with flash without making all the people look blue. I initially thought that this was because it uses an LED flash, instead of a 'real' flash like on the Sony K800i, but the Nokia N73 uses the same LED flash as the N95, and is capable of taking better flash photos with much more colourful skin tones (although admittedly there is still some blue).

2. Nokia Maps - it's utter rubbish. Navigation should be FREE, there is no way that I would pay to use this software, I would much rather pay for TomTom. On a 5 minute journey, I had to enter / reset the journey from and to points 5 times! The Nokia software update removes the "tracking" feature making Nokia Maps practically un-usable and useless when driving. Nokia make a huge deal about GPS, navigation etc, yet charge you to use it.

3. The volume control buttons break, and the battery cover is very poorly designed and will break if you take it off the phone a number of times, meaning the battery will easily fall out and switch your phone off.

4. You should be able to charge the phone with the Mini-USB cable.

5. This seems to apply to all N series phones (N95, and N73) - there's a bug in the contacts management on the phone - if you have the same contact twice then the phone won't display who's calling or texting!


Anonymous said…
I considered the N95. I am glad I bought a HTC TyTN II now!

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