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Old cars are now rediculously cheap, years ago (1996 / 1997 to be more specific) I remember seeing the new Ford Ka, and thinking, one day I want to own one of them, and now they're £500 in autotrader. Same goes for the Ford Focus, years ago I remember saying, "When the Ford Focus only costs £1k then you just buy one of them every year, what more could you need from a car?", and now they're around £1k (the Zetec engine always had a nice growl, and the seats were comfortable enough for sleep). In a few years the new (BMW) MINI will be a similar price (you can get them for less than £4k now). It makes me think, why not just buy a different car every six months to experience driving these once great cars... here are some I'd like to drive:

Rover 75 - £1k will now buy you one of these spacious, comfortable, retro / stylish looking cars. V6? V8? MG ZT-T? (although admittedly these cost more)

Rover SD1 - available as a V8 but getting rare now so good SD1s will cost significantly more than £1k.

Triumph Dolomite Sprint - cheap? fast?

MGF - rear wheel drive, mid engined convertible sports car for around £1.2k - wonder how much the MGTF costs? still around £2.5k or perhaps a Mazda MX5?

Rover 200 BRM LE - limited edition VVC engine, 143bhp, red leather interior, £1k

Old Mercedes Benz W124 E230, E280 etc - built like a tank, £750

BMW E30 3 series eg 325 - rear wheel drive fun.

Any Alfa Romeo - just for the inevitable catastraphic failure, stylish interior, and character. These are rediculously cheap now, eg 1998 156 2.5l V6 - £800

VW Golf GTI MKI (or MKII) - already partially experienced this when I owned a Scirocco.

The only problem with this idea is that all cars are becoming more and more difficult to sell. So you could easily get stuck with a car for several months more than you planned, in which time important things like TAX, MOT and Insurance could be running out or making things expensive. PS - Mini gallery added.


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