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Nero 9 seems Fine (PC CD)

£31 from Amazon UK - this provides Nero 9 + Nero BackItUp 4 plus a trial of Nero Home 4. It comes in a big box containing the usual size DVD case - so isn't especially environmentally friendly when it comes to the packaging.

Installation attempt 1 failed at 2% with Nero installer crashing, and a reboot was required. (Although it did manage to install a Lightscribe control panel that now lives in the taskbar).

Installation attempt 2 was successful using the typical installation settings (although it appears you need to perform a custom install to get all the Movie templates - which are useful if you use Nero Vision). This seemed a little slow - taking around 20 minutes on my PC which has 2 500GB hard drives, a Quad Core processor, and 4GB of ram, so I dread to think how slow it would be on older machines! Installation did not require a restart of the PC at the end of installation, which was an unexpected bonus.

The installation put two icons on the desktop - one of them a Lightscribe icon - the other a Nero StartSmart icon, it also put the Nero and Lightscribe icons in the taskbar (the Lightscribe icon can be easily removed). Opening StartSmart gave me a wizard making it easy to choose what I wanted to do, and I was quickly and quite easily able to burn an audio CD from MP3s on my hard drive, and anyone familiar with StartSmart should be familiar with the way Nero 9 works. I also had no problems making a DVD from files on my hard drive - Nero Vision worked well and let me arrange the menu, and then Lightscribe let me print the disc label. Overall, apart from the slow install and initial glitches which seem to have been caused by me not restarting my PC, Nero 9 seems fine and does the job well. I installed this on Windows XP SP2.


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