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Intenso 8GB USB Pen Drive Mini Review

The Intenso 8GB USB Pen Drive has annoying packaging - you need scissors to open it. Nice green colour though. No wrist strap / neck strap / keyring loop is provided with the pen drive. There is a (plastic) loop on the pen drive so you can attach your own strap if you have one, but personally I think this should come with the pen drive, and I suspect this will be too small for a keyring loop, and will probably break if attched to a keyring. The bright red light is ALWAYS on when it's plugged in - and it only switches off when it's flashing when you're reading / writing to the pen drive.

However, it does seem quite quick - copying 1gb on to it took about 35 seconds and copying 1gb from it took around 35 seconds. As is the norm with hard drives, pen drives, SD cards etc, you get slightly less space available in Windows - with 7.51gb total space available, and the drive comes pre-formatted as FAT32. However, I'm not sure why you'd buy one of these pen drives when you can buy a Sandisk 8gb Cruzer for less, unless you specifically want a green usb pen drive.


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