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Goodbye Octavia... Hello Mondeo...

It was a sad day, selling the Skoda Octavia VRS. But now I own a Ford Mondeo 2.0 Zetec (Petrol). Things that seem to be missing (that the Skoda had) heated wing mirrors, clutch foot rest, and trip computer. However, the Ford does have a front window demister - which should be standard on all cars :)

Things it needs:
Servicing? Oil, coolant flush, air filter (air filter looks okay / newish), fuel filter, spark plugs, etc?
Air vents middle.
Inlet Manifold? Worth checking? (Ford sell flaps £5 ish each. The part code (finis code) is 1317276).

Full beam headlight gone on left side

Spare key (£30 - £55 ebay) / new battery?

Sorted / Ordered:
Isofix thingies / preparation - it has them but they're behind the cloth! (Ford?) Checked with Polar Ford, and Peoples Ford they both said the Mondeo MK3 doesn't have ISOFIX, and searches on their parts database couldn't find anything for the car, however, reports on the internet say otherwise. They are actually behind the cloth on the bottom of the seats, perhaps Ford used an earlier specification for ISOFIX (as normally ISOFIX is mounted onto the body of the car). Either way, they all appear to have them and all you need to do is cut the cloth to access them! More details (and photos) here.
Glovebox (ordered, ebay, £16 with damper, not yet fitted)
Engine rattle: Alternator belt tensionor replaced, rattle gone (Alernator? (auto electrician?, £30 ebay) auxiliary belt tensioner? (£120 tensioner, £20 belt link)
Pollen filter replaced
Aircon regassed / aircon coolant pipe replaced (was burst)
Front wishbones / CV boots replaced (Suspension checking - rubber ball joints / donuts / bushes (poly £54 ebay)? (Front left balljoint leaking / cracked checked at tyre place))
Front pads replaced - rears deemed fine (Brake pads (front + back) / discs? (kwikfit as replacements are free? ebay sell front / rear discs and pads for £30 per pair) was £45 for front/rear pads on Passat.)
"New" front tyres + balancing, and tracking / alignment - £90 (tyres Goodyear NCT 5s £35ea, tracking £20)
Car mats. (£25 ebay geniune ford mats)
Leather armrest. (£13 ebay leather cover)
Drivers Window switches checking - rear drivers side window doesn't go up/down (front and single ordered £15 ebay)
Volume control on steering wheel missing the side button. (£5 ebay?)


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