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still not connected...

the internet. cameras. phones. phones with cameras. it's still not connected. yes your camera phone can post your photos to the internet (if you're lucky), but how about wirelessly putting them on your laptop so that you can use them when you're using your laptop in an internet cafe (phones still don't provide an acceptable or suitable internet experience and I doubt they ever will, unless they come with a full size USB keyboard), without having to find the usb cable that you've also lost, or the micro-sd adapter thingy?

our internet is down. support is somewhat poor. they seem to have a call centre that logs a job and can't actually help you other than telling you to switch it all off and on again, or arranging a tech to come out. if you want to get through to proper broadband support? don't know, nobodies told me the number...

internet surfing in a "free internet" Cafe is somewhat strange. do you have to buy a coffee every half hour? will you be allowed to power your laptop if you buy excessive cakes? and what of "theme surfing" - you want to spend all your time is an effecient and speedy way, making the most of your limited time, before you go back to the dark ages, where there is no internet. somewhat difficult when you've got a number of blogs to update, and copuous amounts of information you want to gather before leaving the internet again.

Much like this guy who's going internet-less for a week and taking photos. on his Apple internetPhone no less. ;) Can you really leave the internet for a whole week? Surely your phone will give you your email, facebook, and twitter fixes, even if the experience is much more depressing* and frustrating**.

Update after my second attempt at surfing in an internet cafe it works much better if you go with a plan or list of things you want to accomplish. and it works much better when the internet connection is reliable as well. third time round I'm getting used to it now. the only problem I find is having to use a laptop - the keyboards not as good as a desktop keyboard and the trackpad is more difficult to use than an optical mouse... oh, and virginmedia is still down.

* one word review of the Nokia N86 8mp: Depressing
** one word review of the Sony Satio 12mp: Frustrating


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