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Well... that was easy...

I was getting a little bored with hosting my own website. It was somewhat time consuming, relied on my ip address staying the same, my pc being on all the time, and having no internet or pc problems ever. Which is rare, at the best of times.

Now I'm / I've uploaded all the photos from Gallery (1) to Google Picasa Webalbums (using Google Picasa 3.5), chosen a new style (upgraded) blogger template and added widgets so you can view the photos and new albums automatically (using the Picasa photo stream widget, and the RSS feed widget). Nice.

(1) Gallery 1 was hosted locally on my PC so it was easy enough to copy all the albums, search for "sized" "thumbs" and other random files (".dat", ".bak" etc) and clean it up so I was just left with the original files in their original album folders - then I put these in Google, let it detect some new faces, and then uploaded. You can do the same if you have FTP access to your website, just find the albums folder (normally in photos/gallery) and download to your PC.


Anonymous said…
I think you made the right choice. Now that Blogger is so customisable it seems pointless doing all the leg work yourself. I made a similar decision a month or so ago.

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