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Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Mondeo passed it's MOT! with a few minor faults (lights being one of them and handbrake needed tightening), they also advised a new tyre after we were running for a while with the tracking out, and I still hadn't got round to replacing the tyre. This time I went for some winter tyres - which has come in handy - and asked them to re-balance them as they weren't done properly last time. Although finding some winter tyres seems a little difficult as a lot of the main online sites (and even Kwik Fit) don't seem to list many (or any) online. The car has been fun to drive, especially over the Snake Pass, (although a bit weak around 2000rpm when fully loaded), and has acted as the RAC twice for friends. Although in this winter weather it's a shame the car doesn't have any traction control to stop the front wheels spinning when accellerating. (And yes it was foggy!)


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