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#cbb7 Celebrity Big Brother 7: Monday 11 Jan 2010 10pm on Channel 4

Celebrity Big Brother 2010 UK - This episode: Monday 11 Jan 2010 10pm on Channel 4 (on 4OD) - The actual original discussion between Vinney, Steve and Nikki - in the kitchen. (18.00 - 18.25 minutes into the show, 1.22pm): Steve-gate or Nikkigate!

Vinney: I wonder, I wouldn't have a clue who he'd vote for, you know.
Nikki: I know, well probably me now, coz I've told him off today.
Nikki: I'm really sorry Stevie Bee
Steve: HA HA HA HA

Vinney: Bit late for that, eh?
Steve: Well you know ya should have thought of that before.
Vinney: No, he knows who he's.
Steve: You're nice and safe Nikki, don't worry about it.

"Later: Dane: They've taken our food!" (31:15 minutes)

BB: This is big brother...
Nikki: I'm scared.
BB: This is big brother...
BB: At 10.30am after leaving the diary room... Heidi said... blah blah blah.
BB: Then at 10.40am Heidi said... blah blah blah.
BB: And at 1.20pm Steve and Nicola said: I'm really sorry Stevie B, Steve said: You should have thought about that before, you're nice and safe nicky don't worry about it. It is a fundamental rule of BB that housemates must not discuss their nominations with each other... blah blah blah. Housemates must be punished.

BB appears to be wrong - why did they not notice Vinney talking about the nominations?

Following conversation between Nikki and Steve: (35:40 minutes)

Dane: What was said?
Steve: Me, Nikki

Nikki: Don't bring me into it, I didn't bloody say anything, I just said sorry. No coz I didn't I just said sorry. I said sorry because you were, because of the jam.
Steve: No! You said, which your selective memory will be interesting,
Nikki: Yeah go on...
Steve: Now, you commented to me twice on how I was eating today
Nikki: Yeah Yeah Yeah
Steve: and then you made the joke "I should have thought of that before you went in for your nominations"
Dane: (To Steve) No, you said that?
Steve: No, SHE said that! To which I said, "Don't worry you're safe", It was all a joke.

Later when Nikki goes to see BB (36:47)

Nikki: Erm, I'd really like to know if I broke the rules as well. Because I didn't hear the first part of the conversation, and now I might have just kind of had a go at Steven, when I was probably in the wrong as well but I don't really rememeber the whole conversation, but did I break the rules?
BB: To clarify, No you did not break any of the rules, BB was just providing context.
Nikki: Well, can you tell Steven that then, because?... What did I say before, sorry? eh, do you remember? What was the whole conversation because I can't remember it and I've got apparently "Selective Memory". I haven't got a selective memory, I've just got a bad memory.
BB: (audible Sigh) BB can only repeat what was said earlier:
Nikki: What was it again?
BB: At 1.20pm just before Steven came into nominate, you said "I'm really sorry stevie b" to which steve replied: "you should have thought about that before. You're nice and safe nikki, Don't worry about it."

Nikki: Oh right! So it was him that said "you should have thought about it" and then He just told me that I said to him "I should have thought about it before.". I'm telling him. He's gonna bloody deny it isn't he? He's gonna try an persuade me into thinking that it was me. Thank you. Bye
BB: Thank you Nicola.

Nicola confronts Steve (in the kitchen): (38:39)

Nikki: Stevie, I just went into the diary room because I wanted to make sh... clarify that if I did break the rules that I could apologise, so I said to them "Did I?" and they said "No, conversation went: Sorry Stevie B", which is what I said to you, and you replied to me erm "Well you should have thought about that before but don't worry you're safe" and that was the conversation. Though I think maybe you should apologise for saying that I have selective memory because, in fact I dont. I didn't.
Steve (interupting): That's a lie, he's lying to you, Big Brother's lying to you.
Nikki: Really??
Steve: Yeah, because I didn't say "You should have thought about that before" I didn't say any of that.
Nikki: So maybe I have selective memory?

Steve: This is the game! (motions speech marks)
Nikki: What about? So you think I'm lying?
Steve: No, I'm telling you the conversation was...
Nikki: Sorry Stevie B and as to which you replied "Well you should have thought about that before"
Steve: No, I didn't say that, I didn't say that "you should have thought about that before the nominations" you said "I should have thought about that before you voted" and I said "Don't worry, you're safe" which I'm just as guilty.
Nikki: To be perfectly honest I can't rememeber what I said, but if they're telling me, If they're saying to me...
Steve: Can I...? Can I make your life easier?
Nikki: Yeah
Steve: If you'd like to apologise go ahead...
Nikki: Yeah but I don't feel like I broke the rules
Steve: Well then, you shouldn't apologise, but this is exactly what they want you to do.
Nikki: They can't lie
Steve: Big brother can't lie?
Nikki: No
Steve: Sure he can
Nikki: Well, at least apologise for saying I have selective memory, because I don't select what I remember and what I don't.
Steve: Then do you want me to apologise to you for saying you have selective memory
Nikki: Well do you think I have selective memory?
Steve: It was a joke.
Nikki: Okay, (looking disappointed, upset, and melancholy and without feeling says) that's fine then.
Steve: blah blah blah while Nikki gets some food.


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