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10 Signs You Are Addicted to Twitter

1 - You think in sentences no longer than 140 characters long
2 - You take your twitter enabled phone with you everywhere you go
3 - You've setup your phone on twitter so that you can text updates to twitter
4 - You visit a website (from a twitter link) and the first thing you do is look for the Twitter link to follow them
5 - You spend so much time on twitter, you don't know how to find anything without first asking twitter (what's Google?)
6 - You take your phone with you everywhere you go, just in case: Something Happens!
7 - The first thing you do in the morning, and the last thing you do at night is update your status.
8 - You wake in the middle of the night, and check twitter, then go back to sleep
9 - You wonder why people still use websites like "Facebook" when twitter is obviously better (What's Facebook?)
10 - You wonder why there haven't been any replies or updates since your "Tweet" 1 minute ago

Give yourself 1 point for every statement that is true for you, see how you score out of 10 below:

0-1 - You are definitely not addicted to twitter, and you're wondering how you even got to this website.
2-4 - You appear to be a beginner and may like twitter, but you're not fully engaged with "The Program" come back later and try again.
5-7 - You are quite definitely addicted to Twitter, but are not completely "bunny boiler" obsessed with twitter. Yet.
8-10 - You are clinically obsessed with Twitter, and are simultaneously getting twitter updates while you're reading this*

* You've also subconsciously checked everything here to see if it'll fit in a twitter update (It does!)

What are you doing here? Quick get back to twitter so you can share this with your followers!

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This is original content written by Joshua Waller (@joshwal) - Follow me on twitter - feel free to post on twitter - but do not copy to other websites without permission! (Quoting is okay as long as this page is linked to! Thanks!)


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