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Been a long time... (TV)

It's been a surprisingly long time since I've posted anything on this site. I had a few ideas:

Annoying characters from cbeebies. This could go on for a long time...
Spud (Bob the Builder) Too sqeeky, raspy voice, annoying.
The squeky one from Basil Brush (Madison?) but she is cute.
Basil Brush from Basil Brush.
The cat from Shaun the Sheep. Right little evil monster of a cat.
The Dinosaur from Driver Dan's story time - annoying character always doing stupid thing.
The Blue bird thing from Everything's Rosie.
Chuggington - all characters, especially the humans.
Big Barn Farm - the goat's voice is somewhat annoying, and seriously a character that just eats, nothing else? Excessively 2D.
ZingZilla's - it's all just wrong. All of the characters.
DirtGirlWorld - is wrong for many reasons. Child sized people with adult faces and expressions. It's grim.

The only programs that don't seem to have annoying characters are: Charlie and Lola... and... (I'll let you know if I think of any more)

It seems like it's the BBCs sole mission to have at least 1 (or often more than 1) character in the program who's excessively annoying. And don't get me started on the "singing" on these programs. Is Everything's Rosie "Auto-tuned" (badly)?

I had other(s) but can't remember them. Plus there's all the other stuff from my old site that's not online anymore that I could put here.

But mostly I've not been using blogger since they killed FTP support - I've been using wordpress and it's like black and white the difference. It's like switching from instant coffee to any kind of real coffee - you never want to go back - and when you do you think "wow, I can't believe it's really as bad as this!"


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