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Point and Shoot Digital cameras vs DSLR. In summary, spending £1k on PnS is daft and you should get a DSLR instead. link here. Also some interesting history on 35mm format.

Plus another article about "Megapixel Myth" - "a 3MP camera pretty much looks the same as a 5MP camera." link here.
4/5mp ultra small digital cameras (with sound):

Canon IXUS I / SD10 (4mp, no optical zoom, max shutter open 15sec, SD Card, 320x15fps) about £200,
Canon IXUS IIs (3mp, 2x Opt, SD, smaller than the IXUS 400/500, 15sec, 640x15fps) about £210,
Canon IXUS 400 (older model) / 410/430(uk) (4mp, 3x opt, CF, less noise than 500, 320x video max resolution) about £270,
Canon IXUS 500 (5mp, 3x opt, CF, 15sec exposure, 640x video only 10fps) about £300.

Pentas Optio S4 (4mp, 3x opt, SD, 4sec max) about £200
Nikon 3200 (3mp, 3x opt) £170
Nikon 4300 (4mp, 3x opt, not sure of size, old model now) £200no sound
Nikon 4200 (4mp, 3x opt, 640x480x15fps) £240
Nikon 5200 (5mp, 3x opt, 640x480x30fps) £300

things i'd like from a camera: sound with videos (a must - this rules out most olympus cameras), long shutter speed (1 sec is standard i suppose but more eg 2,4 or more is better - and control over this would be nice), shutter speed / aperture to be displayed on screen when taking photos would…
3mp cameras with BIG zoom and 30fps 640x480 video mode with sound - and most importantly, a fairly reasonable price (well excluding the canon):

CANON Powershot S1 IS £380 ish ! (image stabliser)
Steves Digicams - Canon Powershot S1 IS - User Review

Fuji Finepix S5000 (only 320x240/30fps) (£240 ish)
Fuji Finepix S5000

Minolta Dimage Z1 (£214 ish) (newer model: 4MP Z2)
Minolta Dimage Z1

other's worth considering?: Fuji F700 (640x480/30fps, 3mp, 3x opt - about £260), Polaroid x530 with Foveon sensor (apparently it'll have 30fps video - with sound),
NEWS! - Gateway makes its digicam debut more info on gateway's rebranded cameras - it makes gateways cameras look like a mish-mash of other peoples cameras with no design similaritys other than the fact that they say gateway on them, eg T20 - dark grey - looks a bit like a casio? the M40 looks like a fake nikon (nikon silvery champagne coloured), the M50 - just plain ugly - perhaps a vague copy of the canon a10/20 in design, and the T50 looks more silvery and looks a tiny bit like a canon IXUS - not that i'm saying all these manufacturers just try and copy other camera design... oh no, i would never say that. (plus there's a link there to a camera manufacturer i hadn't previously heard of).
Additional bit to add to fuji 2800 review:
Fuji finepix warmth - this seems to be the case with the majority of Fuji cameras - and is likely to be flattering to the subject (it can easily be changed in photoshop if it isn't to your taste) - although the photo of the red leaves in the gallery is overly red - something that definitely needed fixing in photoshop. High compression / slight softness seems to be the case with other Fuji's also. (see photographyblog review of the M603 etc, or the S5000 review on dpreview - a 3MP image on average uses 850k - compare that to the 1.5mb superfine setting on the 3MP Canon a300). The 2800 seems to keep all photos below 780kb regardless of the amount of detail in the picture, which is a shame as photos with high detail, such as the photo of flowers above, or one of a tree with lots of leaves seem to suffer from the amount of compression applied. More recent Fuji cameras, such as the S5000, A202 etc have the shutter release button in the cen…
3rd of March birthday ideas if you want to get me any of this or contribute financially, then please let me know so that things don't get bought twice:

* PQI USB CompactFlash Card Reader / Writer £5.28 inc vat. ( or alternate multi-reader would do except not internal. (eg ebuyer multi £9.39inc or a funky silver one £9.39.)

* BRAND NEW PC20 Charger Kit with 12 Batteries MultiCharger, 8 x 2000mah AA, 4 x 750 mAh AAA £13.99 inc vat (postage unknown?) - or alternate charger with 4 x 2000mah or higher Ni-Mh AA batteries. - eg £14.99 (matt - if you want us to get from amazon, to save on postage that would be cool, just give us the money)

* Canon A300 £124.99 free postage. (heather)

* Viking 256mb Compact Flash Card £35.49 inc vat.

additional / alternatives could be: photo quality glossy inkjet paper.