Clarks Active Air Shoes Again...

Wow, my last pair of shoes from Clarks, lasted nearly 3 years! They were £60. Since then this range of shoes seem to have gone up in price as they're now £60 - £75 (or slightly less when you factor in the 15% VAT we're paying - ie they're still priced up at £75 in the store, but are £73 when you come to buy them.) Here's hoping these new "Clarks Rustle GTX" black leather, goretex, active air, "extreme comform technology" shoes last as long as the last pair! With the last pair it was the sole that wore out the quickest, which meant they were no longer waterproof. The new ones are very snug - they grip your feet even on the heel - and the inner is quite fuzzy meaning your feet shouldn't slip when in them. They also seemed to be the most comfortable out of the range with the most bounce.

Here's the old ones with the worn through soles. And while we're on the subject of shoes, I may as well mention some Sketchers trainers (pictured below) I got in the Debenhams sale - just so I've got a record of when I bought them to see if they last any time at all. One major issue I had with them when I first wore them for a while was that they seemed like they hadn't bothered putting anything in them to stop your heel coming out. I guess it's just part of the design. They also come with a spare set of brown laces so you can choose what colour you want, or change them when the beige ones are dirty.


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