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How to install Moodle on Windows 2003 using IIS6, MySQL, FastCGI, PHP, and Moodle (In that order!)

Setup a Windows 2003 server, disable IE Secure mode (simply remove in add/remove windows components)Add IIS6 (IIS7 comes with Windows 2008, so if you want IIS7 then you will need to use 2008)Install MySQL for Windows - - MySQL Essential Win32Install FastCGI - from here: (download the x86/x64 link as appropriate so you don't have to mess with Microsofts "Web Installer" with it's .NET 2.0 framework requirements - it doesn't work anyway...)Install PHP (one of the options is to use FastCGI - make sure you select it as this will mean you can skip step 6, so therefore FastCGI needs to be installed first) - download the non-thread safe* PHP from here: (Windows PHP installer here:, install it to the C:\PHP directory * Non-thread safe is meant to be quicker.Configure fcgiext.ini file, make sure it has these entries (this should be do…

Nokia N8 Notes (for my own benefit really)

OS: Symbian ^3 (v011.012)

Typing *#0000# gives me the following nerd numbers:
Release: PR1.0
Software version: 011.012
Software version date: 2010-09-18
Custom version:
Custom version date: 2010-09-21
Language set:
Product code: 059C951 (Tesco Direct / Pay as you go phone?)
Model: N8-00
Type: RM-596
Latest Update: Not updated
Browser Version: 7.2
Flash Version: 4.0
Java Version: 2.1

Switch on time:
N8 25secs
N97 Mini 49secs

Built in apps:
Default OVI Maps pre-installed: v3.04 10wk34 b03 - Can be updated to v3.06 in betalabs (10wk36 b06) which is a dramatically improved version.
Music player - very loud! 

Must have apps: (download them from ovi store / beta labs)
OVI / Own Voice - lets you record your own voice for use with OVI maps.
Swype - clever quick input and BETA version adds a portrait keyboard to touchscreen phones (Not available for the N8 yet...)
Mobbler (for or Spotify - online streaming / tracking music players
Opera Mini - for when / if y…

Interesting site stats from the top 500 sites.

Here are some of the more interesting sites listed in the Top 500 websites.

1 Google (obviously)
16 ( is at #155)
22 ( is at #97)
194 !
318 Anti Virus

Interesting to see down in position #1484 - I wonder what it's position was before the "paywall" (having to pay to use the site!) was introduced, it would have definitely been in the top 500, see picture below, also note that pageviews are down 71% over the last three months!

Stats from:

Eat a healthy well balanced diet, and you may increase your mood...

This is a list of things that could^ boost your mood / and general health. It is only related to food and diet and is not medical advice. I have been following this for about a month now (mostly with regards to oats, milk, vitamins and minerals, omega 3s, and lots of cereals for breakfast) and whilst I don't necessarily feel noticeably happier due to the diet, I do feel generally healthier, and have used some of these recommendations along with increased exercise to help boost my general fitness.
Daily Diet could / should include: 2 - 4 cups of filter coffee or tea (for caffeine, less tea if you want to avoid staining your teeth) 6 brazil nuts a day (for selenium*) Hot chillies (a couple, releases endorphins) Dark chocolate with 60% or more cocoa (30g/day has phenylethylamine) Garlic cloves (1 or 2 a day - horribly strong when eaten raw) Oats (bowl/day) Wheat germ (30g/day increases dopamine - found in wholemeal bread) Milk (dopamine) Zinc 10-15mg day (Zinc can increase sex drive in men and…

Google Android Mobile Phones in the UK

They're all mobile phones. Although apparently you're supposed to call them "SmartPhones" these days. What difference does it make? Seriously, who cares, just call them all Mobile Phones and keep it simple.

Anyway - I was interested in finding out about Google / Android phones, and thought maybe the best solution was to find and collate the information myself. So here goes - a guide / timeline of Google phones and any alternative names used for the devices (nice way to add confusion to an already confusing market place guys!)

2011 Phones: Ones to watch... (Availability in UK unknown so far...)
Samsung Infuse 4G - Engadget - 4.5" Super AMOLED.
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc - Engadget - 4.2"
LG Optimus Black - Engadget - 4"
21/02/2011 - LG Optimus 2x Dual core 1ghz CPU, 1080p video, 8mp, 4" screen.

2010 Phones: - Announcement Date / Release date, Device / AKA, Release OS etc
15/12/2010 - Google Nexus S (by Samsung), 4.0" AMOLED Curved glass, 1ghz, 5m…

Been a long time... (TV)

It's been a surprisingly long time since I've posted anything on this site. I had a few ideas:

Annoying characters from cbeebies. This could go on for a long time...
Spud (Bob the Builder) Too sqeeky, raspy voice, annoying.
The squeky one from Basil Brush (Madison?) but she is cute.
Basil Brush from Basil Brush.
The cat from Shaun the Sheep. Right little evil monster of a cat.
The Dinosaur from Driver Dan's story time - annoying character always doing stupid thing.
The Blue bird thing from Everything's Rosie.
Chuggington - all characters, especially the humans.
Big Barn Farm - the goat's voice is somewhat annoying, and seriously a character that just eats, nothing else? Excessively 2D.
ZingZilla's - it's all just wrong. All of the characters.
DirtGirlWorld - is wrong for many reasons. Child sized people with adult faces and expressions. It's grim.

The only programs that don't seem to have annoying characters are: Charlie and Lola... and... (I'…

10 Signs You Are Addicted to Twitter

1 - You think in sentences no longer than 140 characters long 2 - You take your twitter enabled phone with you everywhere you go 3 - You've setup your phone on twitter so that you can text updates to twitter 4 - You visit a website (from a twitter link) and the first thing you do is look for the Twitter link to follow them
5 - You spend so much time on twitter, you don't know how to find anything without first asking twitter (what's Google?)
6 - You take your phone with you everywhere you go, just in case: Something Happens!
7 - The first thing you do in the morning, and the last thing you do at night is update your status.
8 - You wake in the middle of the night, and check twitter, then go back to sleep
9 - You wonder why people still use websites like "Facebook" when twitter is obviously better (What's Facebook?)
10 - You wonder why there haven't been any replies or updates since your "Tweet" 1 minute ago

Give yourself 1 point for every statement …

Flash photography with the Sony Satio, Sony C905, Nokia N82 and Nokia N86

These three camera phones have a "Xenon" flash - which is the same flash that you'd find in a proper digital camera. Most camera phones have crappy LED flashes - these are rubbish in comparison, and are in no way a suitable replacement for a real Xenon flash, despite what Nokia (and others) might hope you believe. LEDs are just cheaper and easier to put in, as they don't need a large capacitor to charge, and are low power items.

Typical indoor Sony Satio 12mp Xenon flash photo in dark conditions - group photo (3 or more people): There is still the problem of red-eye, however, the Sony Satio and Sony C905 do the best job of looking like photos from a real digital camera when it comes to flash photography (more so the Satio). Focusing is also very good thanks to the focus assist lamp. The Sony's also do the best job with exposure with the subject correctly exposed - whereas the Nokia(s) tend to overexpose white / light clothing and anything that is too close to the…

Best Album Ever (from 1999)

Track 1 - Simon and Garfunkel - Leaves are Brown Track 2 - David Bowie - Ground Control to Major Tom Track 3 - The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine Track 4 - The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever Track 5 - Carpenters - Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear Track 6 - The Divine Comedy - Don't look a horse... Track 7 - The Wannadies - You and Me SongTrack 8 - Blur - There's No Other Way Track 9 - Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit Track 10 - Hive - Ultrasound Track 11 - Fat Boy Slim - Acid 8000

Atari Jaguar, Atari Jaguar CD, and Games (Quick Reviews) Opinion

Atari Jaguar with CD Unit.

Here you can read my atari jaguar reviews, with a rating out of ten.  it's about how much i like the game.  they are all personal opinion.  i have been silly enough to do them in alphabetical order!  


Alien vs. Predator - 6/10
- 94 - this one's ok. people were buying the jag for this game when it first came out [so i was told!].  a lot of atmosphere, and quite freaky sometimes, especially when you're being chased by a predator, and about 10 aliens! argh! slightly slow frame rate.


Bubsy (the bobcat) (new Jan 07) -
something something (perils in peri peri land or something like that - actually: "Bubsy in fractured furry tails"). sideways scrolling platform game. jump and collect things (like sonic the hedgehog) - back in the early 90s everyone thought you had to have a "sonic the hedgehog" or "mario brothers" platform game on your computer / console otherwise you had to hang your head in shame as a complete failure. …

#cbb7 Celebrity Big Brother 7: Monday 11 Jan 2010 10pm on Channel 4

Celebrity Big Brother 2010 UK - This episode: Monday 11 Jan 2010 10pm on Channel 4 (on 4OD) - The actual original discussion between Vinney, Steve and Nikki - in the kitchen. (18.00 - 18.25 minutes into the show, 1.22pm): Steve-gate or Nikkigate!

Vinney: I wonder, I wouldn't have a clue who he'd vote for, you know.
Nikki: I know, well probably me now, coz I've told him off today.
Nikki: I'm really sorry Stevie Bee
Steve: HA HA HA HA

Vinney: Bit late for that, eh?
Steve: Well you know ya should have thought of that before.
Vinney: No, he knows who he's.
Steve: You're nice and safe Nikki, don't worry about it.

"Later: Dane: They've taken our food!" (31:15 minutes)

BB: This is big brother...
Nikki: I'm scared.
BB: This is big brother...
BB: At 10.30am after leaving the diary room... Heidi said... blah blah blah.
BB: Then at 10.40am Heidi said... blah blah blah.
BB: And at 1.20pm Steve and Nicola said: I'm re…