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Showing posts from January, 2004
3rd of March birthday ideas if you want to get me any of this or contribute financially, then please let me know so that things don't get bought twice: * PQI USB CompactFlash Card Reader / Writer £5.28 inc vat. ( or alternate multi-reader would do except not internal. (eg ebuyer multi £9.39inc or a funky silver one £9.39 .) * BRAND NEW PC20 Charger Kit with 12 Batteries MultiCharger, 8 x 2000mah AA, 4 x 750 mAh AAA £13.99 inc vat (postage unknown?) - or alternate charger with 4 x 2000mah or higher Ni-Mh AA batteries. - eg £14.99 (matt - if you want us to get from amazon, to save on postage that would be cool, just give us the money) * Canon A300 £124.99 free postage. (heather) * Viking 256mb Compact Flash Card £35.49 inc vat. additional / alternatives could be: photo quality glossy inkjet paper.