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Showing posts from August, 2008

Upgraded the gallery again...

Upgraded the gallery again - this time to v1.5.8, and also updated php to the latest version. Only problem is this time I didn't follow my own advice and make a backup first! Luckily I've got a daily backup, so I should just be able to copy the important files back like html_wrap, and the css files. Hoorah it worked*. * apart from breaking the "latest comments" button, and the random front page image. doh!

More Opera 9.50 bugs...

- Highlight the address bar before the page has finished loading and the right click / copy option is greyed out. Reselect the address bar (url) and copy is enabled. - Click photos on Facebook too quickly and the album goes back to photo 1. - text is displayed in white and fonts become corrupted. details and screenshot here . (This all happens in Opera 9.50, and 9.52)

Portishead - Third

Strange, bleak, dark and slightly unsettling. Haunting vocals as per usual, but none of the commercial friendly drum and bass beats of the earlier Dummy album. More noise - it made me question whether my stereo was faulty. The last couple of tracks turning to rock. Some folk rock sounding stuff, with others (Machine Gun) sounding like it's come straight from one of the early Terminator films.

Making HDR (High Dynamic Range) Images...

Thanks to CHDK (Canon Hacked Firmware), a Canon Powershot SX100 IS , and this guide on how to make HDR images in Adobe Photoshop CS2+ I was able to turn this original image... ...into this image (by taking around 16 shots at different exposures, using the auto exposure bracketing feature of CHDK)... Click images to embiggen. This would have probably worked better if there was less movement in the picture. However it's impressive how much detail is lost in the original image on the wall and sky, where everything is overexposed and colour is dull and lifeless.