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Atari Jaguar, Atari Jaguar CD, and Games (Quick Reviews) Opinion

Atari Jaguar with CD Unit. Here you can read my atari jaguar reviews, with a rating out of ten.  it's about how much i like the game.  they are all personal opinion.  i have been silly enough to do them in alphabetical order!   a. Alien vs. Predator - 6/10 - 94 - this one's ok. people were buying the jag for this game when it first came out [so i was told!].  a lot of atmosphere, and quite freaky sometimes, especially when you're being chased by a predator, and about 10 aliens! argh! slightly slow frame rate. b. Bubsy (the bobcat) (new Jan 07) - something something (perils in peri peri land or something like that - actually: "Bubsy in fractured furry tails"). sideways scrolling platform game. jump and collect things (like sonic the hedgehog) - back in the early 90s everyone thought you had to have a "sonic the hedgehog" or "mario brothers" platform game on your computer / console otherwise you had to hang your head in

#cbb7 Celebrity Big Brother 7: Monday 11 Jan 2010 10pm on Channel 4

Celebrity Big Brother 2010 UK - This episode: Monday 11 Jan 2010 10pm on Channel 4 (on 4OD) - The actual original discussion between Vinney, Steve and Nikki - in the kitchen. (18.00 - 18.25 minutes into the show, 1.22pm): Steve-gate or Nikkigate! Vinney: I wonder, I wouldn't have a clue who he'd vote for, you know. Nikki: I know, well probably me now, coz I've told him off today. Nikki: I'm really sorry Stevie Bee Steve: HA HA HA HA Vinney: Bit late for that, eh? Steve: Well you know ya should have thought of that before. Vinney: No, he knows who he's. Steve: You're nice and safe Nikki, don't worry about it. "Later: Dane: They've taken our food!" (31:15 minutes) BB: This is big brother... Dane: Aw, EVERYTHINGS Gone! Nikki: I'm scared. BB: This is big brother... BB: At 10.30am after leaving the diary room... Heidi said... blah blah blah. BB: Then at 10.40am Heidi said... blah blah blah. BB: And at 1.20pm Steve and Nico