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Inky Blue VW Passat Estate 1.9 TDI Sport

Just last night I was thinking: Wouldn't it be great to find a VW Passat 1.9 TDI with the following features: 130bhp (AVF engine with more torque), 6 speed gearbox, Traction Control (ASR), Sport model with sport suspension, as an Estate. And lo and behold, the metallic inky blue estate you see above is the car I've found. It even features several "Brucey bonuses" - a 6 CD changer, sports / lumbar support seats, 16" VW Sports alloy wheels, front armrest, auto-dipping rear-view mirror, rain sensing wipers, and leather steering wheel. It's got a full service history and I should be able to collect on Monday! Gallery pictures added here Update: Car added to the Cars Page .

Buying a car is the easy part...

A friend of mine had their car written off, so their insurance company gave them a wodge of cash to go buy a new car, we looked at 3 cars in total (via Autotrader), the first 2 had fairly serious problems (ie brakes almost non-existent on one car, and excessive rust on another car), then we spotted what appeared to be a gem of a car: The Suzuki Swift 1.3 GLS, as pictured above, reduced for a quick sale, with surprisingly low mileage, and the car was in very good condition with all things functioning as they should, even the brakes! The car has all the mod cons such as power steering, and electric windows, which the old written off car didn't have! Which made me think, if it's so easy to buy a car, why don't I buy a newer, better version of my VW Passat 1.9 TDI 100PD Saloon ? I mean, theoretically I should be able to get the same car, but with the better 130bhp engine, and I might even be able to get it with the better "Sports" suspension, 6 speed gearbox, tract

Roewe W2 Concept (Roewe Rover 45?)

Previously Auto Express guessed what the Rover 45 / Roewe Rover 45 replacement would look like. Now it looks like Autoblog have got pictures of the "real" concept designed by Roewe, as pictured above. In other developments, the real MG "Rover" (Nanjing) are planning a new MG Sports car . Images from Autoblog . Update: Real pictures of the Roewe W2 Concept here .