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Showing posts from April, 2004
4/5mp ultra small digital cameras (with sound): Canon IXUS I / SD10 (4mp, no optical zoom, max shutter open 15sec, SD Card, 320x15fps) about £200, Canon IXUS IIs (3mp, 2x Opt, SD, smaller than the IXUS 400/500, 15sec, 640x15fps) about £210, Canon IXUS 400 (older model) / 410/430(uk) (4mp, 3x opt, CF, less noise than 500, 320x video max resolution) about £270, Canon IXUS 500 (5mp, 3x opt, CF, 15sec exposure, 640x video only 10fps) about £300. Others: Pentas Optio S4 (4mp, 3x opt, SD, 4sec max) about £200 Nikon 3200 (3mp, 3x opt) £170 Nikon 4300 (4mp, 3x opt, not sure of size, old model now) £200 no sound Nikon 4200 (4mp, 3x opt, 640x480x15fps) £240 Nikon 5200 (5mp, 3x opt, 640x480x30fps) £300 things i'd like from a camera: sound with videos (a must - this rules out most olympus cameras), long shutter speed (1 sec is standard i suppose but more eg 2,4 or more is better - and control over this would be nice), shutter speed / aperture to be displayed on s