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10 Signs You Are Addicted to Twitter

1 - You think in sentences no longer than 140 characters long 2 - You take your twitter enabled phone with you everywhere you go 3 - You've setup your phone on twitter so that you can text updates to twitter 4 - You visit a website (from a twitter link) and the first thing you do is look for the Twitter link to follow them 5 - You spend so much time on twitter, you don't know how to find anything without first asking twitter (what's Google?) 6 - You take your phone with you everywhere you go, just in case: Something Happens! 7 - The first thing you do in the morning, and the last thing you do at night is update your status. 8 - You wake in the middle of the night, and check twitter, then go back to sleep 9 - You wonder why people still use websites like "Facebook" when twitter is obviously better (What's Facebook?) 10 - You wonder why there haven't been any replies or updates since your "Tweet" 1 minute ago Give yourself 1 point for every

Flash photography with the Sony Satio, Sony C905, Nokia N82 and Nokia N86

These three camera phones have a "Xenon" flash - which is the same flash that you'd find in a proper digital camera. Most camera phones have crappy LED flashes - these are rubbish in comparison, and are in no way a suitable replacement for a real Xenon flash, despite what Nokia (and others) might hope you believe. LEDs are just cheaper and easier to put in, as they don't need a large capacitor to charge, and are low power items. Typical indoor Sony Satio 12mp Xenon flash photo in dark conditions - group photo (3 or more people): There is still the problem of red-eye, however, the Sony Satio and Sony C905 do the best job of looking like photos from a real digital camera when it comes to flash photography (more so the Satio). Focusing is also very good thanks to the focus assist lamp. The Sony's also do the best job with exposure with the subject correctly exposed - whereas the Nokia(s) tend to overexpose white / light clothing and anything that is too close to

Best Album Ever (from 1999)

Track 1 - Simon and Garfunkel - Leaves are Brown  Track  2 - David Bowie - Ground Control to Major Tom  Track 3 - The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine  Track 4 - The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever  Track 5 - Carpenters - Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear  Track 6 - The Divine Comedy - Don't look a horse...  Track 7 - The Wannadies - You and Me Song Track 8 - Blur - There's No Other Way  Track 9 - Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit  Track 10 - Hive - Ultrasound  Track 11 - Fat Boy Slim - Acid 8000