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Blogger force your to upgrade to your Google Account!

Argh, I'm not ready yet! I don't want to commit to the new blogger, I want to stay with old blogger, but I have no choice!! Dear invisible unresponding blogger, please don't break my blogs, I've spent a very very long time over the last 3 years customising them excessively... the old blogger account is no more? Where has it gone? Apart from the new labels it appears the same, are the labels optional? (Yes, leave them blank and they wont appear)

KIA cee'd 7 Year Warranty!

7 years / 100,000 mile warranty (on powertrain, 5 years / 100,000 miles on the rest of the car). WOW! Yet it's the same price / or less than a Toyota Auris (Corolla), Ford Fiesta, Honda Civic. Plus it looks better than the so called "revolutionary" Auris (The Corolla replacement that has been rated as worse than the car it replaces by What Car) It even looks fairly decent from the back (although admittedly all cars look the same these days*). I wonder whether you can happily keep the same car for 7 years, or whether boredom would set in, and you'd want to replace it with something else? Think of the cost savings compared to other cars though: "The car's broken" Kia: "No worries, we'll fix it for free!". It's been fully tested in Autocar (24, Jan, 07), and prices start at £10995 (1.4l 103bhp) with a 1.6l 121bhp version available for £11495! A 1.6l Diesel is available with 114bhp for £14245 with a low insurance group 6 rating, and a

Blackberry Pearl (8100) Camera Phone Features / Pictures

It looks very very nice - the middle "ball" is like a trackball you get on old laptops / new trackball mice, but glows white. The design is very stylish with a black body, silver sides, and silver accents, the design appears to mimic (nee copy?) the expensive Vertu Mobile , but feels very plasticy. The camera on the back, whilst only a 1.3 megapixel (1280 x 1024) camera, appears to be very clear and have a very high depth of field (from I would guess 10 / 15cm to infinity). It featurs a very small flash and a self-portrait mirror so you can take photos for your myspace profile. The only problem I can see with the device is that it wont stand up - you can place it lying down on it's back - but in any other position it falls over - which will be a pain if you ever want to take photos using the self-timer (not that it actually features a self-timer option). The tiny flash on the back acts like a "real" flash when used with a pre-flash to attempt red-eye reduction

Best Cuppa Tea in 2006!

Tea Review have published their list of the best, the greatest teas of 2006, including the all time best teas . For more tea reviews and tea links have a look at the site - if you'd like to contribute please let me know!

Christmas 2006 in Widescreen

So Christmas is once again over. I've put some photos online , and updated my myspace page . We did do stuff on new years eve, but for some reason I took precisely zero (0) photos - which is completely weird for me. One of the coolest presents (out of many very cool presents) was / is / are "Ecoballs" from nigel's eco store for £30 - these things will last 1000 washes in your washing machine, meaning you a) save heaps of money and b) are much kinder to the environment!