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Sony Ericsson C905 Mobile Phone Review

Important questions that I haven't seen answered anywhere else: Stereo speakers built in - No. Video recording - 320x240 MP4, 30fps, 2 channels, 32khz. WOW - are Sony oblivious to the fact that every other phone and digital camera now offers at least VGA video recording, while the better ones offer HD video recording? And surely stereo speakers built into the phone should be standard practise? Using the Sony C905 as a digital camera: So what about photo quality? the biggest appeal of this camera has to be the built in 8 megapixel Sony "Cybershot" camera with "Xenon" flash. Well, the flash definitely helps with photos of people. But one area where camera phones have always been behind in image quality is noise - the basic facts are that the more pixels you cram into a small image sensor, the more noise you're going to get, and mobile phone cameras have the smallest sensors you can get. Have a look at this picture (click above to embiggen) taken w