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Windows Vista on VIA EPIA Nehemiah C3

So I've installed Windows Vista Beta * (Peter) 2 - Build 5384 - The system has a C3 / Nehemiah CPU at 1.2ghz, 512mb ram (DDR, Laptop RAM), 120gb Maxtor Drive and Pioneer 16x DVDRW. Updating the VGA driver seems to have found the correct VIA graphics driver from Microsoft. * Please bear in mind that all that I post is related to the beta version, so Vista could be drastically different (better?) when finalised. It's almost like running some alien or Linux operating system because it looks so strange compared to Windows, they've lost the Start button, and replaced it with the windows logo in a circle, which will be great (not) for tech. support, instead of saying, "Click the Start button...", they can now say "Click symbol formerly known as the start button", or "Click the round blob with the windows logo in the bottom left corner..." "... no, not that one." " bottom left "... ad infinitum. Stupid basically. The Start bu

Boiler Room

Boiler Room (2000) DVD. Really good, really entertaining, gripping, slightly disappointing end, but I wont go into details other than to say it would be nice if there was an extra couple of minutes tying loose ends. And how do they manage to copy the C: drive onto 1 floppy disk? When they are running Windows 95? Well worth watching though!

Portugal for a week!

We've been in Portugal for a week! It was all very last minute, but it was amazing! Now we have over 500 photos to sort through to find the best ones to share! I've put some of the best one's that stood out the most in the gallery . These ones were taken with the new Canon Powershot A700. It's always slightly annoying when I go places with H with a camera, as she always tends to take the better photo! :) Update: A second set of photos has been added! Wahey!

Travelling Photos

We've been travelling a lot recently, last weekend was spent in Cornwall, 2 days there, two days travelling. The weather has been amazing. This Wednesday we travelled down to London, stayed over and then came back Thursday evening. The car has been doing an excellent job. There's some photos in the gallery however, I haven't got round to uploading any cornwall ones yet. Other photo highlights: World's Largest Crisp